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Rates: Kamila Simms Linguistic Services

My translation and interpreting price list

Rates and delivery time details

You can find my prices/rates for interpretation and translation here. To get a free service quote, just fill out my quotation form.

WRITTEN TRANSLATIONS (English - Polish / Polish - English)

General text from 10 pence per word
(£100 per 1000 words)
Legal, technical or handwritten text* from 12 pence per word
(£120 per 1000 words)
Minimum fee
(up to 400 words)

Payment by bank transfer upon quote acceptance. I do not charge VAT.

* My translations include the accuracy clause ("I hereby certify that the translation above is accurate and true to the original/scanned document in the Polish language, which I translated on [date]").

SAMPLE PRICES OF CERTIFIED TRANSLATIONS (SWORN - with the round stamp of a sworn translator):

Translation of a birth certificate
(Polish to English)
£40 (an abridged copy)
£45 (a full copy)
Translation of a marriage certificate
(Polish to English)
£40 (an abridged copy)
£45 (a full copy)
£40 (concordat)
Translation of a criminal record check
(Polish to English)
Translation of a divorce judgement
(Polish to English)
from £45
Translation of a university diploma
(the photo part, Polish to English)
Translation of a high school graduation certificate
(Polish to English)
Translation of a certificate of qualifications to practice as an architect
(Polish to English)

INTERPRETING (English and Polish)

Rate for the first hour of translation £50
Fee for each subsequent hour of translation £40
4-hour block (recommended for courts) £150
Rate for an entire day (9.00-17.00, with one-hour lunch break) £300
Transportation 50p per mile plus parking
or public transport
Travel time: £10 per hour
(free within 3 miles of BN7)
Cancellation For assignments cancelled on the day of the order, I charge £50 (the equivalent of the first hour of interpretation).

Legal Aid / LSC rates: minimum 2 hours plus travel.

Translations performed on weekends, non-working days or evenings (after 17:00) are subject to a 100% surcharge.

All prices are gross prices. I do not add Value Added Tax to the given amount. I am not VAT registered.

Rates can be negotiated for larger scale projects or for longer-term collaboration.


Group lessons*, 60 minutes
*similar language level
Priced individually
Preparation for the sworn translator's exam Priced individually